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5th Edition

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 28, 2015 11:17 am

While in Thymanther, a Dragon-born controlled area in the southeast of the fallen Star Sea, they were Hired by a Dwarf Factory Owner Molric and a Dragon-born Capitan, the adventures set out to find the source of the Bug infestation. A goblin Priest Olaakki also asked they look for any information, book or artifact that might have to do with the Ashen Crown. A long lost Elven artifact, that became a goblin artifact. Rumors are that parts of it had been found again. The quest took them underground in what was left of the Unther, still more the Elf Professor Nephret, if it wasn't too much to ask to bring back a flying bug, known as a Kruthiks. and intruduces the adventures to Dannae Ulyan. Who Says "Death overlooks you," You begin to understand there is something more going on, for this simple bug hunt.

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